[maemo-developers] Screenshot as loading screen on Maemo 5

From: Thomas Perl th.perl at gmail.com
Date: Fri Oct 23 20:19:20 EEST 2009
2009/10/23 Luca Donaggio <donaggio at gmail.com>:
> I was thinking that there should be a way to remove the existing screenshot
> from a postinst script when upgrading to a new version of the app.
> I mean, some way more reliable than `rm /home/user/.cache/launch/<service
> name>.pvr`.
> This could be useful if the new version has a substantially different UI
> than before to not confuse previous users.

Yes, that would be nice. A small utility that gets the file name of
the .desktop file as parameter should be enough I believe? We could
then add something like the following to postinst:

maemo-remove-screenshot /usr/share/applications/hildon/appname.desktop

I believe that maemo-remove-screenshot would then just use the
same logic as hildon-desktop(?) to get the file name of the screenshot
and remove it. When the location changes (in the hildon-desktop source)
this utility would also know about the location change, then..

(The alternative of detecting an upgrade in the application code and
doing the removal "by hand" using take=FALSE is cumbersome)

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