[maemo-developers] curious tv out

From: gary liquid liquid at gmail.com
Date: Sat Oct 24 03:52:15 EEST 2009
hi am on n900 so will be brief

got chance to do some testing witrh n900 and projector tonight

my n900 is a month old
my n900 works in tv in at home
my n900 worked with projectors tested at onedotzero
my n900 failed at summit
my tv out just failed to show on a projector here with me (it was grainy
when it did come through)

another n900 here works flawlessly on projector here

has tvout driver software changed or has it just worked by fluke up until
why would it work in the previous places and on other devices at home and
not new places?

sidenote and very cool:
run liqbase on tvout

return to desktop or other apps with ctrl \ackspace
tvout continues to be liqbase

effectively dual display can run one peice of software on projector and
another on screen

controlled presentations w00t

/me sleeps.  just thought i would post this because i cant get on irc or

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