[maemo-developers] extras-testing and WONTFIX ?

From: Till Harbaum / Lists lists at harbaum.org
Date: Sat Oct 24 21:26:21 EEST 2009

Am Samstag 24 Oktober 2009 schrieb Andrew Flegg:
> The QA criteria aren't very stringent and can be summed up as "play
> nice, don't waste battery, try to use /opt". Any package which gets 10
> thumbs up can be promoted. So, in your hypothetical case, a if the
> developer won't fix a bug but 10 people still think it's worthy of
> going into Extras, the developer will have that opportunity.
In fact exactly that happened with "gpxview". The fremantle port
uses a gtknotebook with "bottom" tabs. This isn't themed and is a
WONTFIX in fremantle (and not documented anywhere, btw) and
looks a little bit odd. But it i got the permission to move it to 
extras, anyway.

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