[maemo-developers] Maemo5 on Beagle

From: Dirk Behme dirk.behme at googlemail.com
Date: Sun Oct 25 21:35:18 EET 2009
Till Harbaum / Lists wrote:
> Hi,
> The download page for the zoom patches for maemo-beagle directs
> one to http://www.daimi.au.dk/~cvm/ which is the homepage
> of Carsten Munk who seems to be the wellknown stskeeps
> from maemo.org.

I'm (dirk2) currently discussing with stskeeps @ #maemo :)


Maemo5 Nokia kernel seems to be 2.6.28


This seems to contain some (DSS2?) changes, which seem to be not 
available as patch anywhere. E.g. it seems that Maemo5 SGX needs 
function omap_dispc_set_plane_ba0().

Looking at Beagle 2.6.28 kernel built by open embedded [1], no OE 
patch for Beagle contain omap_dispc_set_plane_ba0(). Scanning 
omap-linux mailing list no patch has omap_dispc_set_plane_ba0(), too.

So, instead of trying to make Beagle OE kernel 'Nokia compatible', 
maybe it's easier to make Nokia kernel from above Beagle compatible. 
That is, use above Nokia kernel, apply the OE patches from [1] (except 
DSS ones, DSS should be already in Nokia kernel), use Beagle defconfig 
and configure it with Nokia compatible display configuration.

Best regards


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