[maemo-developers] pyside Qt debs in extras-devel

From: Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Mon Oct 26 13:30:24 EET 2009

	The Pymaemo team got in touch with me regarding the pyside Qt debs  
they have built and uploading them to the maemo.org repos. Apparently  
there is a bug in gcc 4.2 that prevents them from building in the  
maemo autobuilder so they wanted the debs uploaded by hand.

	I have done that and they are now in extras-devel in fremantle free.  
I have test the debs by downloading them into the SDK, but did not get  
around to using the debs in real code. If anyone has been waiting for  
the pyside debs with Qt, they are here! It would be great to get any  
feedback on downloading and pass along any pyside code feedback to the  
Pymaemo team.


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