[maemo-developers] extras-testing and WONTFIX ?

From: Zachary Goldberg zgold550 at gmail.com
Date: Tue Oct 27 01:51:24 EET 2009
> The problem I see now is that either you know about power management
> issues and how to detect them or you don't. it would be great to have
> really basic documentation telling testers like me to install whatever
> tools, follow clear steps and evaluate the output.
> I understand such output is not yes/no, but it would be good to have
> something like:
> - Run Tool X, boot the application and leave it a whole night running.
> If in the morning you see XYZ then the app is probably buggy and
> draining your battery.
> Ans similar cases like this for widgets running or not in the background
> and etc.
> In fact, the simpler the docs are for testers the simpler they will be
> for developers unfamiliar with power management tests and, hopefully,
> the more power friendly even extras-devel software would be in the first
> place after some iterations.

Hi!  This is my first post (of hopefully many useful ones in the
future!) to the maemo-developers list.

I definitely remember some documentation on this.  I can't seem to
find it on the wiki so perhaps it was at the Maemo Summit.  Anyway the
procedure is basically:

1) Run 'powertop' in xterm (or via ssh) and observe a rough number of
wakups per second
2) Run the application, then switch back to ssh/xterm
3) Run powertop again.  Observe the number of wakeups per second to
see if its much larger than before.

I have already used this procedure succesfully to find a widget which
was causing a huge number of wakeups in hildon home

-Zach Goldberg
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