[maemo-developers] Install Qt on Scratschbox

From: Ove Nordström ove.nordstrom at gmail.com
Date: Tue Oct 27 13:12:08 EET 2009
I have try this.
The problem most be in 3:
3) Then I run "apt-get update"
[sbox-FREMANTLE_X86: ~] > apt-get update
Err http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/sdk Release.gpg
 Temporary failure resolving 'repository.maemo.org'

Anyone know about "Temporary failure resolving 'repository.maemo.org'"?

Best Regards,

2009/10/27 Andrea Borgia <andrea at borgia.bo.it>:
> Ove Nordström ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> I try it and got this:
>> [sbox-FREMANTLE_X86: ~] > apt-get install libqt4-dev
>> Reading package lists... Done
>> Building dependency tree... Done
>> W: Couldn't stat source package list http://repository.maemo.org
>> fremantle/free Packages
> I think it's the same snafu that bit me: try adding "fakeroot" in front
> of the cmdline.
> A.
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