[maemo-developers] Extras QA checklist

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Tue Oct 27 13:53:30 EET 2009
A few random thoughts, not pushing for anything.

On Tuesday 27 October 2009 10:20:39 Andrew Flegg wrote:
>   * MUST have bug tracker URL in XSBC-Bugtracker control field.

This is a machine controllable thing, so if it's a MUST, it has nothing to 
with QA -> it should be part of the autobuilder/promoter mechanism.

>   * MUST NOT violate licences or copyright; MUST respect trademarks.

This one is quite tricky. Currently, packages on Maemo often do not include 
license files, the package page also does not list a license so it's actually 
an effort to find out how a package/project is licensed and whether it's in 
compliance with it.

>   * MUST NOT have reproducible crashes

This is basically impossible to enforce, you need to be more lax than this. 
For example, imagine an app has 2 reproducible crash scenarios, both 
discovered only after it got to Extras. Now, the author says one is trivial 
and one very difficult to solve. If you follow the above MUST NOT to he 
letter he will not be able to push the fix for the trivial bug until both are 
fixed as the difficult bug will serve as a blocker.

>   * MUST NOT introduce security risks.

Again, the formulation is too broad here. For example installing SSH or apache 
arguably *is* a security risk.

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