[maemo-developers] Maemo5 on Beagle

From: Tuomas Kulve tuomas at kulve.fi
Date: Wed Oct 28 10:34:54 EET 2009
Dirk Behme wrote:

> Short status:


> 10. Re-boot, enjoy booting it with Beagle :)

I followed these instructions roughly and got it running.

> Further work:
> - I was not able to log in at minicom console. I got login prompt, but
> typing resulted in some garbage characters. Typing root/rootme there
> seemed to make the system hang and after some time the login prompt came
> again.

The serial console seems to work during the boot phase but it gets
garbage later. It does work for me most of the time after finishing the
boot up as well.

Could this be related to power management..?

> - Disable screen blanking

Unblanks when touching the USB mouse.

> - Make (USB) mouse to show and work


I'm using a D-Link DUB-E100 USB ethernet dongle and at least I managed
to install openssh using that. I haven't tried anything else yet (I need
to get the curson showing first).


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