[maemo-developers] orca screen reader

From: Piñeiro apinheiro at igalia.com
Date: Wed Oct 28 11:08:04 EET 2009
From: jonathan <j.nadeau at charter.net>

> Hello list,
> I was wondering if you knew about the orca screen reader working with
> the n900? Sorry if this isn't the right list to post to about this. 

Well you asked about a specific application on a maemo based device,
so I bet that this is the correct list ;)

AFAIK, nobody has tried to port orca screen reader to n900, or at
least he didn't make public his efforts.

Anyway, as other GNOME projects, probably it would be possible to make
the migration, and shouldn't be really really complex (although
probably some issues would appear).

After all, other a11y related technologies were ported to Maemo, like
GAIL, and a library to implement the a11y support for the hildon
widgets were created, HAIL (HAIL is an add-on to GAIL, in the same way
that the hildon widgets is an add-on to Gtk+).

In the same way, there is an old project of maemo test automation
using dogtail. Here the link:


API (apinheiro at igalia.com)
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