[maemo-developers] Gowalla.com would like to work with Maemo: Need answers...

From: Tim Samoff tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Oct 28 14:13:30 EET 2009

One of my friends (a developer at gowalla.com) just emailed this 
question to me:

do you know if some/most Nokia devices have a GPS, and expose
that information to their browser via the W3C geolocation API, like
iPhone and Android w/Gears do?

While the question isn't in a Maemo context, that's really what he's 
after. He'd like to get Gowalla working for Maemo as much as it does for 
iPhone and Android.

Of courdse, we know about the GPS. It might not be the best "marriage" 
for Gowalla, but paired with Wlan, it should work fine. Gowalla would 
just need a way to call the GPS (turn the hardware ON and capture the 
raw output) from the browser, right?

I'd imagine that since Ovi Maps is built with the same technology as 
Maemo Browser, the answer to this might be "yes." But, I'd love an 
educated answer.

Can anyone answer this for me?


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