[maemo-developers] Maemo 5 - Playing sounds from Qt

From: Topi Hukkanen topi.hukkanen at gmail.com
Date: Wed Oct 28 16:42:02 EET 2009

I'm looking for an easy way to play sounds for a small game I'm developing
for Fremantle.

I'm using the Fremantle Qt port.

I tried using libcanberra, and my example works on the desktop, but when I
move it to Scratchbox, I get a CA_ERROR_NOTAVAILABLE when I call

As a side note, *I think* using libcanberra requires me to put my ogg sounds
in /usr/share/sounds ... which seems a bit like hacking.  I feel like I'm
abusing the canberra API to do something it's not supposed to do.

Should I be doing something different?  Is there a better API?  What do
linux game developers usually use for playing short sounds?  Can anybody
provide any examples?

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