[maemo-developers] Extras QA checklist

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Wed Oct 28 17:45:56 EET 2009
On Wednesday 28 October 2009 15:23:14 Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> Actually, this is not that hard. The license information has to be in
> the debian/copyright file. If the package comes from debian, you can
> be pretty sure that the license (i.e. the copyright file) is correct.

I was mostly referring to packages that are not straight Debian ports but 
rather 'native' (or significantly altered) Maemo applications. But we do not 
need to go that far. Often even really basic building blocks lack proper 
license/attribution information (for example Qt itself has no 
debian/copyright or license files included. Probably not commercial edition, 
but is it GPL or LGPL ? Maybe both ?). 

Anyway, I'm among the first ones to check for licensing info, and the current 
approach (leaving it out from the binary packages because of space 
considerations and not displaying it anywhere on the maemo.org web interface) 
does not make it any easier. Surely burling through the debian dir of source 
packages is not the best/easiest long-term way of doing this, especially if 
it's something *QA testers* are supposed to do ?


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