[maemo-developers] Optification breaks package on upgrade from non-optified older version

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Wed Oct 28 17:50:47 EET 2009
Marius Vollmer <marius.vollmer at nokia.com> writes:

> I have pushed a new version of maemo-optify to gitorious that patches
> maintainer scripts to do "late optification" for stuff that dpkg didn't
> do.
> It's not very well tested yet, of course, so please dig in!
>     http://maemo.gitorious.org/maemo-af/maemo-optify

I have now released maemo-optify 0.1 to the fremantle buildbot with this

It should now be possible to update a non-optified version of a package
to a optified version.  Everybody, please test!
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