[maemo-developers] maemo-optify, autobuilder & /opt

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Wed Oct 28 22:39:57 EET 2009
Ed wrote:
> >
> > I've put together a suggested spec for the decision, taken at the
> > summit during the /opt BOF[1], that the auto-builder would run some
> > maemo-optify version during the build process (controlled by a control
> > file header):
> Sorry, I seem to miss the whole point of this activity. Why do you
> need to do that on autobuilder side? As far as I understood it's just
> a matter of including maemo-optify as a build dependency  and run it
> in debian/rules, right? Why developer can't do this then? I don't see
> much difference between setting XS-Maemo-Optify and changes I
> mentioned above. In both cases developer should understand what
> optification means.

The consensus at the BOF was that since it's something which SHOULD be done for all Maemo packages, but that this is Maemo specific, that it should be done at the autobuilder to ensure that as many packages are optified as possible.

By having "auto" be the default (i.e. the developer has NOT specified XS-Maemo-Optify) at some point in the future we can avoid the current problem where, even though the requirements are well understood more than half the user-facing applications in -testing aren't using /opt.

> BTW, when you want to have it done?
> I'm going to vacation in a couple of weeks. Before that I was going to
> finish implementation of multiple packages builds if I have time.

i don't know, it's not my baby :-) One would imagine, in a perfect world, that if this was being done then:

  * We'd have a conclusion on the Python issue
    and a comment from the Qt folks.
  * XS-Maemo-Optify would be agreed and the builder
    and maemo-optify(-deb) changes made with 'none'
    as the default.
  * We could opt our packages in for the testing
    period, then change the default to "auto",
    rebuild everything and not suffer any more
    rootfs problems.

Given the small rootfs is the single largest problem which is going to impact reviews and opinion about the N900 we'd have it done ASAP. But then I no longer have to think of anybody else's priorities, that's somebody else's problem :)



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