[maemo-developers] maemo-optify, autobuilder & /opt

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Thu Oct 29 10:08:20 EET 2009
On Thursday 29 October 2009 07:07:14 Ed Bartosh wrote:
> Then let's find the way to do it better.

I believe that was the stance on the problem since day 1 :) 

> What I'm afraid of is that developers wouldn't like the approach to
> change packages implicitly. 

Herein lies the root of the problem. We are beyond the phase of 'like'. We are 
closer to damage control, in terms of a lesser evil and an imperative to make 
the choice ASAP. The N900 release date approaches and we've seen that friendly 
pokes for /opt-ification yield results very slowly. If the non-active 
interference route is continued, we won't 'offend' fellow developers but the 
ecosystem will suffer as the first users start hitting the 256MB NAND limits (or 
not seeing packages at all as they don't make it to extras). Thus, I have no 
doubt, a decision will have to be made and whatever it will be, someone will 
be unhappy as a result of it. The question is which solution will hurt least 
on the *platform* level.

>It potentially can create repository mess again. And I really don't want this
>to happen.

Nobody does. However, we're running out of time to find a better solution. And 
if there is a potential for repository mess it has to happen before release. 
Once end-users get to the devices, it's mostly game over, whatever solution 
will be in place by that time is most likely the one we will be stuck with for 
quite a while.
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