[maemo-developers] maemo-optify, autobuilder & /opt

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Thu Oct 29 10:08:49 EET 2009
Alberto wrote:
> Graham Cobb wrote:
> > So, the consensus decision was that the solution would be that autobuilder
> > should automatically optify by default.
> Sounds wrong to me.

Can you elaborate? I'd like to be convinced (as I was during the BOF) rather than just whomever expresses the most feelings most often and loudest getting their way.

  * Developers want to upload the same source package
    for Diablo, Fremantle and Mer;
  * /opt won't be necessary at some point in
    the future, or on some devices such as those
    running Mer;
  * Nokia aren't going to implement a union FS or
    just use the NAND for swap (and put the rootfs
    on the eMMC) in the shortf (or even, probably,
    medium-) term;
  * Pretty much every package on Maemo should be using
    /opt as much as possible;
...it was concluded that:

  a) Modifying debian/rules is hacky and causes
     forking between Diablo, Fremantle and Mer.
  b) A control file field makes the most sense to
     control the build process.
  c) That the absence of the control field would
     Do The Right Thing ((c) Ruby, Perl, Groovy)
     which, on Fremantle, is optification in most cases.



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