[maemo-developers] The issue of version strings

From: David Greaves david at dgreaves.com
Date: Thu Oct 29 23:45:20 EET 2009
Ryan Abel wrote:
> One thing I think it might be worth working on is the user- 
> friendliness of the version strings of packages in Extras. We want the  
> Application manager to be as friendly and approachable for the average  
> user as possible and long incomprehensible lines of alphanumerics are  
> a surefire way to scare people off. ;)
> So, this is just my humble request that people be considerate of users  
> when crafting their version strings and try to it reasonable. Avoiding  
> date/svn-based versions would probably be a good idea.

So you're thinking that a git sha1 is 'suboptimal' ?

I thought Shopper v.fc42f5c26bbc257cf782679f7b40075e05322647


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