[maemo-developers] Maemo5 on Beagleboard

From: Till Harbaum lists at harbaum.org
Date: Fri Oct 30 10:49:43 EET 2009

here's my current status:

The board is booting and i get a 800x600 image (on my 800x480 display :-( )
USB works, but neither touchscreen nor mouse are really doing what 
i expect them to do. I am able to establish a WLAN connection to my home
network. In order to make this work three things have to be done:

1) Install everything necessary to use our particular WLAN stick
    (e.g. incl. wpa_supplicant if your are using wpa in your home network
    as in my case)

2) Change in /etc/udhcpc/default.bound

in order to make udhcp change the main resolv.conf as we
are not running a local name server

3) Copy the sources.list used to build the rootfs into the
 rootfs at /etc/apt

You should now be able to do such things like "apt-get update" and the

Now for the problem: I haven't yet been able to work with the mouse 
or the touchscreen in a useful manner. The most useful tool i found 
so far to test the mouse/touchscreen input is "tuxpaint". If you have a 
working network connection as stated above you can just apt-get install
tuxpaint. Starting tuxpaint from the console immediately gives you a 
visible mouse pointer. So this is a simple way to actually see what
your inout devices are doing. 

Sometimes (e.g. if you rebooted while tuxpaint was running, it won't
restart as it thinks it's already running. In that case delete the file

What's your state? Has anyone actually been able to do something
with the mouse?

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