[maemo-developers] Maemo5 on Beagleboard

From: Dirk Behme dirk.behme at googlemail.com
Date: Fri Oct 30 18:38:36 EET 2009
Tuomas Kulve wrote:
>> What's your state? Has anyone actually been able to do something
>> with the mouse?
> No. I can use it to unblank the screen..

Yes, same here (now) :)

I was able to solve my "USB is not detected" issues by connecting a 
(powered) hub to Beagle rev C USB host port P7 (#8 in [1]). Having a 
mouse and keyboard connected to the hub while starting (powering) make 
USB work then. Pressing a keyboard key makes the screen unblank, too.

Having the powered hub connected to OTG port (#12 in [1]) doesn't work 
for me at all. It worked for Angstrom, though.



[1] http://elinux.org/BeagleBoard#Components

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