[maemo-developers] Tentative: UX meets Code hackfest in December @ Barcelona

From: Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Date: Sat Oct 31 15:59:45 EET 2009
El Viernes, 30 de Octubre de 2009, Quim Gil escribió:
> For budgeting and also practical purposes we will keep the number of
> participants around 50 people even if we get more requests. The criteria
> will be defined more or less by fast response, travel costs, community
> involvement and of course Maemo excellence in Code or UX.
> General feedback about the hackfest itself is also welcome. We will
> share here more news.

Hi Quim.

Will the venue be open to people who want to silently look and listen? In my 
case, I have zero real involvement with the Maemo community right now, but 
since I saw your keynote at GCDS and the first N900 specs, I've been lurking 
a lot and looking for all news about Maemo that I could find.

I'm a long term Debian and KDE user, and I've contributed a little bit to both 
projects in the past (packaging and coding), so I have some development 
knowledge, and I'm really eager to have a Maemo device in my hands and find 
time to do something with it.

I live in Barcelona, so my idea is to help wherever is needed in exchange for 
the chance to chat with people and learn. Maybe I can pick people at the 
airport and bring them to the meeting place, or help as a translator (outside 
of the airport and the hotel, the locals are not usually good with 
english ;-) ), etc.

If the venue is very space constrained and there is no space for people in my 
situation, who don't have much to teach, but want to learn, I can still be 
available if you want somebody to find a place to have dinner or grab a good 


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