[maemo-developers] How long do we have to wait ...

From: Nicolai Hess nicolaihess at web.de
Date: Thu Apr 1 15:51:52 EEST 2010
... til autobuilder is useful again?

I can understand no one can say something about the PR1.2 release date.
But more and more users on talk.maemo.org complains about uninstallable and
unupdateable applications.
Ok, extras-devel is not for every user, but many users are willing to use
and test new applications.
The only think developers can say is - wait until the next firmware update
is released. Most users,
don't know anythink about those PR1.2 dependencys, even some developer can
not understand, why thier
applications can not be tested. Maybe they heard about new next PR1.2 and
new qt libraries, but
I, for example, didnt know that non-qt application are affected as well. Why
is it necessary that the autobuilder
uses PR1.2 libraries, as many (most) testers don't have them, and can not
test applications from extras-devel

regards nicolai
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