[maemo-developers] GSoC 2010 - Client Centric Energy Efficient Communication

From: Ahmad Nazir ahmadnazir at gmail.com
Date: Fri Apr 2 18:28:31 EEST 2010

I am a masters student currently working on my Thesis at TKK, Finland. My
area of research is related to efficient energy consumption of 802.11b
compliant mobile devices. My proposal for GSoC is also motivated along the
same lines.

Mobile devices often tend to consume a lot of battery when the wifi is being
used. Even though some of the wireless cards support the 802.11b power
management (PSM), there are a lot of problems attributed to the mechanism. I
plan to implement a client centric technique for TCP sessions that focuses
on efficiently using the wireless network interface. This can be possible
with a linux based operating system such as Maemo. I can share the details
about the theoretical background of my proposal and implementation related
details. I plan to test the implementation on Nokia N900. Please let me know
if anyone is interested in mentoring this project.

Best Regards,
Ahmad N. Raja
NordSecMob, TKK
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