[maemo-developers] Efficient storage and playback of speech

From: Gibro Vacco gibrovacco at gmail.com
Date: Sat Apr 3 13:50:19 EEST 2010

in my opinion ogg/vorbis should be good enough, but it requires to install the extra codecs. If you prefer a proprietary solution mp3 is also quite good, and you can encode on your favourite linux distro withe lame.

I don't suggest to try esotheric experiments like g729 encapsulated in a container format.


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> Hi all,
>       I need to install on the device a few (I guess around 10-20) audio 
> files with some seconds of speech each (it's for GPS navigation).
> What file format do you suggest to use, considering that one requirement 
> is that the audio is played almost immediately (the lag should be under 
> 1 second) when I request it to?
> The 22Khz 16bit WAV from the sound recorder sound good, but they are a 
> bit "heavy", taking more than 100Kb for 3 seconds of speech.
> I'm a bit concerned because I'll eventually ship translations for these 
> audio files in different languages, so they might end up taking quite 
> some space.
> Ciao,
>       Alberto
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