[maemo-developers] GSoC10 - hints needed about google apps

From: 姚杰 mubaile at gmail.com
Date: Sun Apr 4 09:19:45 EEST 2010
I am a first year graduate student majored in computer science from Zhejiang

As being interested in the Ideas "google apps",see
<http://wiki.maemo.org/GSoC_2010/Project_ideas>over the past a few days I
investigated in this idea.I read some materials from google,such as "Gmail
APIs and Tools",
"Google Buzz API". By searching ,I found google has released many versions
of google apps
for mobile. And they are java application.

Now , I have a primitve approach to have success in this idea.
Firstly,I need to know google apis for gmail,buzz,,,
Secondly,if I could get the java source code of google apps for mobile(), I
can use them
as a reference.However, We need to implement them using C++/Qt

I would  appreciate it if anyone give me some hints.

Thanks &Best regards

Jack Yao
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