[maemo-developers] GSoC2010 proposal: Gtk+ Input Method Plugin for the Harmattan Input Method Framework

From: Javier S. Pedro maemo at javispedro.com
Date: Tue Apr 6 03:36:15 EEST 2010
After much deliberation, I've finally decided to present my GSoC proposal.

I've decided to develop mdamt's idea about a Gtk+ IM plugin for the 
Harmattan Qt based input framework. I think it's basically a _must_ for MeeGo,
I haven't seen much activity around it, and also feel that I'm now an
experienced person for this project, having played with the Hildon Input
Method framework quite a lot while doing SDL_him (an API to use HIM from SDL
1.2 apps).

You can see my full proposal here:

I will be thankful for any comment, opinion, or rant you have about it. :)


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