[maemo-developers] Promotion

From: Niels Breet niels at maemo.org
Date: Wed Apr 7 15:52:18 EEST 2010
On Wed, April 7, 2010 10:06, Martin Grimme wrote:
> Hi,
> same here, so it might be a general problem with the Diablo promoter.
> Besides taking 9 days for the package interface to recognize that a
> package has been updated, and then complaining that the package didn't have
> a proper description (which it certainly has). The package icon is not
> imported, either. Please somebody look at the Diablo package interface to
> see what's going wrong. For information, my stuck Diablo package is
> 'fmradio-player 2010.03.20-2'.
You use long lines in your control file where 80 chars is recommended. The
importer didn't like that so it left the entries empty.

I've now changed the importer to import long lines too.

> Regards,
> Martin

Niels Breet
maemo.org webmaster

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