[maemo-developers] PR1.2 SDK for Extras-devel: how to solve?

From: Thomas Perl th.perl at gmail.com
Date: Wed Apr 7 22:16:15 EEST 2010
2010/4/7 Ram Kurvakat <rkmaemo at gmx.com>:
> The idea is to give a choice to the developer to choose which SDK the autobuilder needs to use and to which repo the app needs to go to.
> Providing an option in the debian control file to build against the user specified SDK since the developer knows what SDK he/she uses.
> e.g:
> Xsbc-sdk : PR1.2

Another Maemo-specific control field? No thanks :) Just create two repositories.

It worked fine for Chinook and Diablo, and developers uploaded the same source
package to Chinook and Diablo without problems until the Chinook autobuilder
was closed down.

The situation with pre-PR1.2 and PR1.2 is similar to Chinook and Diablo. We can
think of PR1.2 as "Maemo 5.1" the same way Diablo has been "Maemo 4.1".

As for testing/QA: Testers will simply use the repository for which
they have got
firmware on their devices. Which is why I support the idea of community firmware
testing (which would allow both testers and developers to test apps on the real
devices with the real firmware). Do you really want people to test apps in the
SDK and pretend that they will work the same way on a real device?

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