[maemo-developers] Bora/OS2007 extras is dead? Re: ssh uploading to gregale/bora/chinook extras broken?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu Apr 8 14:15:31 EEST 2010
Niels Breet wrote:
> Bora was not actively killed, just forgotten to setup last December. Since
> then nobody complained about it.

Date of last change is 22.12.2009

> Download numbers don't come above noise
> levels, but if you think we should keep it for a while then no problem.

Download as in getting *.deb file or just checking for updates? Do you 
know how many people (unique IPs) are checking for Bora updates? 
Downloading new packages may be rare since there is not much of new 
stuff. If I am the only one using it, it is OK to kill it :-)

And BTW, dput upload to bora worked few minutes ago, thanks. Let's see 
if it ends up in

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