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From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Fri Apr 9 02:34:07 EEST 2010
I have run Java applications using both the Sun JRE and OpenJDK.  The Sun JRE needs to be reloaded very 90 days.  I have written a bit about my experiences with these at 
Running Java on an #N900

Since I wrote that, I have also loaded LXDE on my N900.  I have done this two different ways.  One is to load it under Mer.  I run into some difficulties with the keyboard on LXDE under Mer.  

For more information on running Mer, check out
Configuring the Nokia #N900 Chameleon for Mer, MeeGo and Fedora

I've also installed Easy Deb with LXDE which has Java nicely working in it.  I've run Java Applets under Easy Deb.

Hope this helps.


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  Can I run genuine j2me applications, such as those provided for mobile ticketing from some public transportation services, on Maemo 5?
  I cannot find a clear statement on that.
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