[maemo-developers] j2me

From: Gunter Ohrner G.Ohrner at post.rwth-aachen.de
Date: Sat Apr 10 01:44:04 EEST 2010
Christopher Intemann wrote:
> Oh just came across "http://www.microemu.org/" which could possible
> run on the N900 (on java).
> Did anyone ever try that? Looks promising...

I did, I used it to run "DB Railnavigator", a version of Hafas2Go 
branded by Deutsche Bahn, on the N900.

It basically seems to work, but I've not yet used it extensively.

There seem to be some minor problems here and there, like not being able 
to enter capital letters in text fields with some versions of MicroEmu, 
but no showstopper as far as I can tell.

Railnavigator feels much snappier with the SUN JRE, using OpenJDK it's 
rather sluggish.



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