[maemo-developers] GStreamer, mp3 playback and the DSP

From: javicq jcqmaemo at ovi.com
Date: Sat Apr 10 15:29:54 EEST 2010
Hi all,
I'm currently using GStreamer to play mp3 files. I'm trying to move all mp3
decoding to the DSP but I'm unable to find any useful info on the matter.
The only thing i got so far is this paragraph from the wiki:


Most of the audio encoders and decoders are wrapped under the OpenMAX IL
interface [OMAX], which abstracts the codec specific implementation (which
in general can run on ARM or DSP). Unless a different solution is needed
(due e.g. to sourcing problems, performance requirements or to fulfill some
specific use cases) all the audio codecs will be running on the ARM side to
simplify the audio architecture and to avoid the additional latency and load
over the data path due to the routing of the audio data first to DSP and
then back to ARM. 

So, obviuosly a different solution is needed but I coudn't find any
documentation whatsoever. :)
Anyone can help here?

Thanks in advance.
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