[maemo-developers] OpenCL on Maemo

From: Tomasz Rybak bogomips at post.pl
Date: Mon Apr 12 12:17:02 EEST 2010
Dnia 2010-03-29, pon o godzinie 18:52 +0200, Ove Kaaven pisze:
> Tomasz Rybak skrev:
> > So, official Nokia document requires Maemo devices to provide
> > OpenCL capabilities but currently there is no possibility
> > to write code using OpenCL. Is it just left for later to implement
> > (first go updates, additional features must wait) or MeeGo changed
> > everything and there is no hope for OpenCL?
> No, it wasn't left for later either. From my understanding, the "Maemo
> Base Port" is/was a requirement document for future Maemo devices. It
> never applied to the N900.

OK. thanks for the information.
As MeeGo is in the very early phase I guess there is nothing for
it yet.

On the other hand, I found following post from QtLabs blog:
So it looks like there is work on integrating Qt with OpenCL
and we could expect some progress - but for now it is pure
speculation on which devices it will be available.

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