[maemo-developers] PC Suite communication

From: Rémi Denis-Courmont remi.denis-courmont at nokia.com
Date: Wed Apr 14 13:07:24 EEST 2010
On Wednesday 14 April 2010 04:34:21 ext André Hänsel, you wrote:
> As for the USB side I know even less. The data is probably transmitted
> using one of the "Wireless Communication Devices" (Nokia N900 USB Generic,
> Nokia N900 USB OBEX, Nokia N900 USB Phone Parent) and received by the
> g_nokia module, but how do they get to obexd?

obexd reads from and writes to one of the /dev/ttyGS* character device nodes. 
There's another one for syncd and yet another one for pnatd. Note each node 
matches a specific pair os USB endpoints in the USB description, which is hard-
coded in the g_nokia kernel module.

Rémi Denis-Courmont
Nokia Devices R&D, Maemo Software, Helsinki
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