[maemo-developers] j2me

From: Henning Heinold h.heinold at tarent.de
Date: Thu Apr 15 14:03:54 EEST 2010
Quoting Demetris <demetris at ece.neu.edu>:

> Hey Chris,
> unfortunately I have been using the already compiled version that  
> the links I sent you below
> were advertizing. I have not tried to compile newer versions of it  
> so your best source would
> be the web. I will also dig around and let you know if I find  
> anything that can help you out.


you can use  
openembbeded/http://wiki.openembedded.net/index.php/Main_Page to build  
phoneme for the n8x0's. Set MACHINE=nokia800 and DISTRO =  
in local.conf . Don't worry the resulting "deb" works on diablo too.

I just updated phoneme-advanced-foundation to build 160.

Bye Henning

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