[maemo-developers] Squeeze devkit to be installed to autobuilder

From: Javier S. Pedro maemo at javispedro.com
Date: Sat Apr 17 00:39:16 EEST 2010
Aniello Del Sorbo wrote:

> Of all the updated only Mapper is not installable due to hildon1 >=
> 2.2.10 (and libpixman-1-0 >= 0.15.16) dependencies...

Because it seems to be overloaded, I cannot fetch the package from the
repository atm; however, the package was built succesfully under the test 
autobuilder ([1]) with the more accurate libhildon1 (>= 2.2.0-1~rc8+0m5)
dependency (~PR1.0).

I have also rebuilt it in my local machine with same results.

So I guess it's a temporary problem...

[1] https://garage.maemo.org/builder/.fremantletest/maemo-mapper_3.0+beta4/results/


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