[maemo-developers] Building hildon library

From: André Hänsel andre at webkr.de
Date: Sun Apr 18 00:29:40 EEST 2010

I'm trying to make an enhancement to the Hildon library. Unfortunately I
cannot figure out how to build it for N900/Fremantle. I have installed the
Scratchbox VM and I know how to build applications using ESbox. But how do I
build the libraries?

I already fail at finding the current source: Is it
http://maemo.gitorious.org/hildon/hildon? Or is it

Needs the source to be put in a certain dir inside the scratchbox?

Then do I have to run autogen.sh? In chroot /scratchbox/users/maemo/? Or in
chroot /scratchbox/users/maemo/targets/FREMANTLE_ARMEL?


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