[maemo-developers] Help needed: packaging/distributing very small C app

From: Thomas Waelti twaelti at gmail.com
Date: Mon Apr 19 21:41:24 EEST 2010
I'm looking for "advanced" packaging information for a very small C application. 
While I've learned to build a .deb for a python app using py2deb, I now face another task of packaging where the effort to package could very quickly become exponentially greater than the effort needed to "write" the application itself. Here's the story:

I needed a way to start the playback of a certain playlist in mafw/gstrenderer. Unfortunately, the python-mafw doesn't support this. I also stalled on using ctypes or going through d-bus.
However, I found the source code for "mafw-renderer-example"*, a CLI app that includes the desired functionality.
(* http://wiki.maemo.org/Documentation/Maemo_5_Developer_Guide/Using_Multimedia_Components/Media_Application_Framework_(MAFW)#Renderer_example )

I then took that code and made some slight modifications to suit my needs (shuffle the playlist before starting playback, exit the app after starting playback). After building my first C app (hooray!), I now have an ARMEL binary named mafw-play-list that does what I want.

Now I face the daunting task to distribute that code/binary, as I will need it in another app of mine (and because I believe others might like it, too).
I'ts just one source file (400 lines, 10kB) and it takes two lines to compile. How should I distribute this?

(I've already built a binary-only package using py2deb and uploaded it to extras-devel - but I believe this is not the right way to do it).

Can someone explain what to do correctly?
Or could someone even lend me a hand in packaging this?


BTW: strangely, the in-built media player is not aware of any alternatively started playlists in it's renderer. Exists there anything to signal something about a running playlist to the Media player?

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