[maemo-developers] j2me

From: Henning Heinold h.heinold at tarent.de
Date: Tue Apr 20 19:11:22 EEST 2010
Quoting "Christopher Intemann" <intemann at gmail.com>:

> However, /bin/cvm is set to rw and can not be executed.
> For some confusing reason, chmod a+x cvm appears to have no effects on the
> access rights and cvm would still not be executed (even not when trying as
> root). ls -la unveals no change of the permissions.
> Is there any stupid security mechanism in maemo preventing me to change
> permissions for files or what am I doing wrong?
> Thanks in advance,
>  Chris

This means probaly that the api is wrong or fileformat.

Try to run "file" on the binary and look at the output maybee
you need readelf or objdump too.

Bye Henning

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