[maemo-developers] Help needed: packaging/distributing very small C app

From: Joseph Charpak josephcharpak at COMCAST.NET
Date: Fri Apr 23 00:02:08 EEST 2010
On Thu, 2010-04-22 at 21:58 +0200, Thomas Waelti wrote:
> Thanks everybody for your extensive support in documenting this process. While I encountered a few smaller stumbling blocks, it worked quite good (especially once the docs got updated by David)
> I can report "halfway" success for now :-)

> The reason is simple:
> - No package 'mafw' found
> - No package 'mafw-shared' found
> How to proceed? Is this indeed a problem of the autobuilder (no mawf libs) or of my source package?

The build-depends line in the debian control file is probably missing a
reference to mafw and mafw-shared. You have it locally so the program
finds it, but the autobuilder doesn't know to include it and therefore
can't complete the build. Remember the autobuilder only includes the
bareest minimum by default, you need to explicitly include everything

Joseph Charpak
josephcharpak at comcast.net

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