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From: Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com
Date: Mon Apr 26 09:21:03 EEST 2010

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> Fiddled around with some Windows drivers but couldn't get USB
> networking
> working (no pun intended ;)) with g_nokia loaded. Never mind, now I am
> using
> BT für PC Suite and USB for network, works fine.

There should not be any problems to get BT and USB working for networking (with PC Connectivity) with Linux, Mac and Win PC and I suppose they both work also with PC Suite (Windows PC only).

Do you happen to have some special configuration for BT in your PC?

> But one nasty problem remains: Since I installed PC Connectivity, the
> USB mode selector (hildon-status-menu-usb) is broken. It shows "Charging
> only" and when I tap "Mass Storage" or "PC Suite" absolutely NOTHING happens.
> How can I revive it?

With N900 you should not use that default USB popup (that has those PC Suite, Mass Storage, ... menu entries) but use applets provided by PC Connectivity to configure these modes and enable/disable them.

There is a known issue that default menu cannot be used together with PC Connectivity applets as they configure same issues but PC Connectivity requires some more complicated configuration because it has much more functionality to configure...

I tried to get this default popup changed so that it can be disabled but disabling was not enabled so this is now known issues for N900. As a summary all N8x0 devices with Diablo work fine without any problems but N900 has many known issues because of either HW or Fremantle platform restrictions. 

See all known issues from here:

Chapter "Maemo PC Connectivity" and especially subsection "Maemo PC Connectivity functionality with N900 device and Fremantle is more limited than with N800/N810 device with Diablo"

> Regards,
> André

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