[maemo-developers] Help needed: packaging/distributing very small C app

From: David King davidk at openismus.com
Date: Wed Apr 28 11:13:12 EEST 2010
On 2010-04-27 23:30, Thomas Waelti <twaelti at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hell, frozen over. It took me four evenings, one hour each evening, to tinker and try and fail and try again. But now it loooks good:
>(To test it, you need to have one or more saved playlists on your N900. Then open X-Term and enter "mafw-play-list NameOfYourPlayList" and it should start the playback of this playlist.)
>Thanks for all the help and support - it's been a positive (community) but still frustrating (technology) experience :-)
>I guess once you're spoiled by something like the Compact Framework and Visual Studio, a casual hoppy developer finds the current state of Maemo development quite difficult to accept...
>Mainly, there was a major pitfall that I fell into:
>- In configure.ac, pkg_check_modules, I had to put mafw and mafw-shared as dependencies
>- But in the Build-Depends of the control file, I had to write libmafw0-dev and libmafw-shared0-dev

Yes, perhaps I could make this a bit clearer in the wiki. Maybe a bit of 
dpkg magic to determine which package owns a particular pkg-config file 
would be helpful?

>In addition, once something fails, it's still a bit unclear from the current docs about where to continue/repeat which steps.

Yes, this is hard to solve in such a compact tutorial, as there are lots 
of steps where something could fail, and it is difficult to find the 
right balance between proding too much and too little information. 
Contributions welcome ;)

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