[maemo-developers] Squeeze devkit to be installed to autobuilder

From: Javier S. Pedro maemo at javispedro.com
Date: Wed Apr 28 19:42:51 EEST 2010
Niels can confirm that it is in fact one of my primary directives ;) to
allow for all stuff we deploy on the autobuilder to be replicated on
local SDK setups (including official and SDK+).

In fact my initial post (last paragraph) included instructions for
Scratchbox 1 setups (not step by step, though).

Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
> 1. Setup
> 3. cs2007q3-glibc2.5-arm7
> 4. debian-squeeze
> 5. none (as CPU-transparency method)
> 6. do not extract rootstrap
> 7. installed default set of files to target

You should configure the _ARMEL target this way:
Compiler: cs2007q3-glibc2.5-arm7
Devkits: perl doctools git qemu svn debian-squeeze
CPU-transparency: /scratchbox/devkits/qemu/bin/qemu-arm-sb
(do not extract rootstrap; no need to install files)

Also, inside the target, you need to install:
maemo-sdk-symbols, dh-make, cdbs, and quilt 
(if you used them; you most probably did).


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