[maemo-developers] Packaging guidelines

From: Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin at juszkiewicz.com.pl
Date: Wed Apr 28 23:17:00 EEST 2010
Dnia środa, 28 kwietnia 2010 o 21:10:47 Graham Cobb napisał(a):
> Daniel Wilms has proposed some new Maemo packaging rules at 
> http://wiki.maemo.org/Packaging/Guidelines.  I have a number of comments:

I have one: where is lintian? If you (Daniel) want to set guidelines then give 
us a tool which will check for them. Debian packaging is easy because it runs 
lintian on resulting packages and refuse to import packages which do not pass. 
So far maemo autobuilder quality control is based on 'let few people look at 
my package' which can be bypassed without problems.

Without automatic checks new rules are useless.

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