[maemo-developers] Installation issues librtcom-eventlogger-ui1 and librtcom-eventlogger1 are missing

From: Thomas Troy ttroy50 at gmail.com
Date: Thu Apr 29 00:16:30 EEST 2010

I've a package in extras-testing and some users are getting an error when
installing \ updating. The error is

Application packages missing:
librtcom-eventlogger-ui1 (>=1.4-2+0m5)
librtcom-eventlogger1 (>=1.3-4+0m5)


Now I assume this is because of the autobuilder having been updated to the
PR1.2 SDK, even though my application doesn't actually specify that it
requires librtcom-eventlogger1 (>=1.3-4+0m5), just librtcom-eventlogger

The application already has enough QA votes for the update to be promoted to
extras. Is it ok for me to promote now and will it fix the installation
problems for current users or should I wait until PR1.2 has been released
before promoting?

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