[maemo-developers] GSoC 2010, eBook reader. Looking for feedback and ideas.

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Fri Apr 30 06:15:54 EEST 2010
On 29 April 2010 18:07, Ryan Abel <rabelg5 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Apr 29, 2010, at 6:23 PM, Aniello Del Sorbo wrote:
>> Ryan, how often do you read e-book in portrait mode on the tablets?
> 99% of the time I use it in portrait mode, except for a short stretch after Maemo 5 was first released when the volume keys wouldn't scroll. ;)
> The volume rocker is just to useful for paging not to use it in portrait. Also: less wasted screen space in portrait.

Okay :)
Holding the device in portrait mode feels more natural and solid, but
I was never been able to read in portrait
(and, indeed, i never even use the browser in portrait mode).

Anyway... full support for both modes then :)

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