[maemo-developers] Query Regarding QT Phonon - RTSP Streaming

From: babu ashok ch_ashok_babu at yahoo.com
Date: Fri Apr 30 17:37:24 EEST 2010
Hi All,

I am using QT Phonon player for playing audio/video files through streaming.

http streaming is working fine & was able to play audio/video files in my device.

when I used rtsp url for playing video file, I observed video was displaying on screen & no audio was heard.

Can u please tell me what might be problem. Does any one faced the similar kind of issue?

I used both ways of creating media player using phonon,

1> Directly through VideoPlayer Object

2> creating mediaobject, audio/video outputs & creating graphs

In both the ways....for the rtsp url audio is not coming.

Whether QT Phonon Player support RTSP Streaming or not?

I observed either video or audio comes for some video files, through RTSP streaming.
If audio is coming ....video will not be coming
if video is coming ...Audio will not be coming.

Looking for your valuable feedback's and suggestions.



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