[maemo-developers] GSoC 2010, eBook reader. Looking for feedback and ideas.

From: Mikhail Gusarov dottedmag at dottedmag.net
Date: Fri Apr 30 22:51:46 EEST 2010
Twas brillig at 12:14:53 30.04.2010 UTC-07 when anidel at gmail.com did gyre and gimble:

 ADS> Thanks, no need for votes. The app will be designed, looks like,
 ADS> with both orientations in mind.  Can't wait to put my hands on it
 ADS> :)

I should warn you that high-quality book reader for formats more complex
thansimple pictures (those include .djvu and .pdf) is a really hard
task: you'll have to deal with typographics, breaking lines,
hyphenations, optimal paragraphs formatting, bidirectional text etc.

You should at least have a look at both FBReader and CoolReader's
renderers which have accumulated the experience of formatting
freely-reflowable files (.epub, .fb2, subset of .html, .txt, .rtf etc
etc) in various languages. Browser engines might be also a good learning
excersise, given lot of formats being just a subset of XHTML in
containers nowadays. Especially this applies to .epub, as it is not only
subset of XHTML, but also a subset of CSS.

<OpenInkpot founder hat off>

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