[maemo-developers] Proposal: Karma-Whores protection mailing list

From: Till Harbaum / Lists lists at harbaum.org
Date: Sat Jan 2 22:19:30 EET 2010

Am Samstag 02 Januar 2010 schrieb Gary Birkett:
> the voice of the commons is generally to be listened to.
Listening to them is fine. 

> we put our apps into the community,
> our apps are going on their devices,
> why should we have more say than them?
I don't propose that we need to have more to say then them. I just
ask certain people to give their vote. This is how all elections work:
You ask those people to vote who you think have the right 
understanding. I am asking developers since i trust them more
than someone doing those tests to get enough karma to get 
the next-gen device for free.

> a cabal of rebels overruling usually valid issues undermines the process for
> everyone.
Why are developers rebels? I am not asking those people to give a thumbs
up for just everything. I ask them to reconsider and override the vote of
someone who perhaps doesn't have enough knowledge of the things he's
judging upon.

> i have not updated any apps since finding out I also have to handle
> optification and other issues.
> i'm not upset at the mechanism though.
I am not sure i understand that. You "gave up". Is that right? If this i fine for
you: Good. But what if you could actually convince these lists members that
indeed your app is a win and that e.g. in your case optification isn't useful?
Why not giving you a place/group to explain your technical reasoning behind
your work?

> > What do you think? I really think it's wrong that testers can stop
> > bad developers, but that there's no way for developers to stop
> > bad testers.
> >
> that sounds like a freudian slip, its right that testers can stop bad
> developers.
Perhaps i wasn't clear. I meant: It's good that there's a mechanism to
stop bad developers. But it's bad that you can't stop bad testers.

> till, I know you are miffed about this process, we all have growing pains
> with the new steps, but we want all our users to have the best experience
> possible
So do i. Preventing bug-fixes from reaching extras due to issues the version
already in extras also has is e.g. useless. You gain nothing if there already
is a version in extras which has this "flaw" that's causing the update to 
be delayed.

I am willing to learn: What's the disadvantage of uploading a new version
that isn't perfect but better than the previous version? Once a program 
is in extras the rules what's good and bad just change. Everything better
than the previous version should be "good". Or what am i missing?

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