[maemo-developers] Mirrors

From: Jeff Moe moe at blagblagblag.org
Date: Sun Jan 3 21:13:44 EET 2010
On Sunday 03 January 2010 15:28:04 Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> > * Every other single distro of note, whether community, corporate, or a
> > mix has a mirror. Can you point me to one that doesn't? What makes
> > Nokia's way so much better? Again, it would be much more convincing if it
> > actually *worked* reliably.
> Bugs URLs please. Hard facts please, stuff we can present to Nokia and say:
>  "Akamai is not performing."

The only bug I know of is:

Things are randomly getting aggregated there. Oftentimes if bugzilla is used 
to report outages a separate bug is created for each outage. There just isn't 
a standard procedure to do this in Maemo. I can open up a bug about each 
outage, but I have a feeling the bugmaster might not like that.

To collect these hard facts a procedure would need to be written up so end 
users can report their outages. I can write something up on the wiki, but I 
have a feeling I'll be flamed if I do so. I will anyway, if you like. But where 
should the end users report the outages?

> Plus there is lots of stuff happening behind the scenes. I agree that we
>  should be more communicative about this, but it is happening.

OK. I have emailed council at maemo.org about this, per suggestion of stskeeps.

> > Again, what's the downside to following the tried and true practices of
> > every gnulinux distro of the last decade+?
> The repositories are a public resource. Nothing but time, cost and energy
>  stop you from mirroring them yourself. Having an infrastructure to mirror
>  different from Akamai might be good either as a redundancy measure or as
>  an emergency resource. 

Done. Copying over at the moment to my server at netdepot.org. Wrote up mini-

>  I think you'll find it non-trivial and your time
>  will be better spent helping the new infrastructure and pointing out where
>  Akamai fails to deliver so we can fix it.

What can I do to help out with the new infrastructure?

>  > > P.S. Tangentally: change your /etc/resolv.conf nameservers and you get 
> > different download server.
> Sounds like intentional Akamai magic.

Yes, standard practice.


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